Our Group
We are a non-profit group of 150 members from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia whose children are afflicted by Juvenile Xanthogranuloma (JXG).

Our Vision
Is a world free of JXG and where there are cures for all histiocytic disorders. To fulfill our vision, we:
1) Provide JXG families and their loved ones with information on this condition and emotional support.
2) Fight back by increasing awareness, raising funds for research and urging government officials to help us.

Website Content
Below is a brief overview of the information contained in each of the sections

About JXG
Provides easy to understand definitions of JXG, histiocytic disorders, rare diseases and information on JXG organizations, websites, educational videos and medical papers.

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers the most common JXG questions.

JXG Champs
Tells the brave journeys of some of our JXG heroes and their families.
Has information about our JXG Roster, Support Group, Advocacy Services and Facebook Page.

Offers a few words to parents that need help assimilating JXG as a part of daily life.

Gives some ideas on how to support a JXG family.

Shows ways to helps us ending JXG and finding cures to all histiocytic disorders.

Includes information about JXG registry efforts, upcoming events, petitions and more.

Tells Santiago's journey with JXG from the beginning to today.

Allows you to leave comments and opinions about the website.

Access the website in Spanish.